Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First Book Rejection

I've gotten comfortable with rejections - if that's possible. Rejections of short stories, essays, non-fiction. I've had some submissions accepted and that's great; my most recent was a couple months ago I had a 50-word ultra flash fiction story called "The Watcher" published in BlinkInk.  And I know the life of the writer is more rejections than acceptances.

I really am getting used to it.

But today I received my first book rejection on the memoir. It wasn't a rejection in terms of a publisher or editor - but the contest I submitted 119 pages of the book to in June sent a very friendly "thanks for submitting but we didn't choose you" type of email. I had a feeling last week that I wouldn't be selected.

And I will admit I was a little disappointed. It would have been an amazing opportunity. But it didn't happen and. Okay.

It's the same book I will be meeting about with Ariel for her editing and feedback next week. Followed by making the edits. And then passing it along to Bonnie Hearn Hill if she has time in her busy writing life.

But, for the moment, I need to just take a moment to say it was sad. And I know it will get easier as the rejections pile up for books. I also know the contest had many submissions. But, the first of this kind. Now, on to looking for more potential publishers.