Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mike Daisey - the midnight hour

Numbers dwindling a little more - but still a good crowd.

It's warmer. I don't know if it's really warmer or if I'm getting used to it. Or if the collective heat in the room has raised the temp. It doesn't matter. Don't need my hoodie right now. It's comfortable. Some people are bundled, so maybe it's me. Maybe it's me - my body generating heat with the realization that it's 7 hours into a 24-hour performance.

This hour: warren zevon. More tales - a card game, bargaining but not remembering what for.

Mike a little tired - surprisingly, he said. Is that true? That he's tired, I mean. He looks a little tired. Not a lot. Far to go.

We'll get there together.

Elephant Deli has arrived with the snacks and caffeine. Outside beer garden and food vendors closing soon. Still trays of oranges left. Yum.

Still enthralled.

Still on the journey.

I need to find out who this music is. I know it. I remember hearing it. I forget who it is. It's not The Doors.

Found myself thinking more about writing. Want to write. Must be getting time to start again. Yes - lights down.

Til next time - an hour.

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