Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mike Daisey 1:00a hour #allthehours

Another installation of the JM story. More details revealed. Setting heavy - detailed - narrative. Emotions.

Streets I know, areas I have familiarity with in NYC - where I've been. Nice to have the references even though I don't live there.

Entertaining. Intriguing, still. Yes.

We are on a journey and even the context isn't known. To us. The audience.

He knows.

This is good. Very good.

One third of the way through and I'm not bored. I'm not distracted (there were a couple of times in the last section, just briefly - due to my lack of context).

I'm very glad I'm here.

And I'm very glad my manuscript is in the mail to Ariel. Though I did realize a page of information I need to send to her - I will. And I will ask her the legalities and possibility of including what it relates to.

And I'm here. At T:BA11 - at All The Hours In The Day.

Still and til the end at 6pm.
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