Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mike Daisey 4p hour #allthehours

"The flat black trajectory of what's come before threatens to crush you."

"...cocaine, magic, and blood - a visceral liquid bubbling up in me..."

"We always knew it - in that dark moment between remembering and forgetting."

Arriving in Disney World - the place which has stolen out imaginations because we let it. So much more. Pieces and parts as he reaches into everything that has come before and the real and other real and the not quite real. Or?

It has been a ride.

Several more boxes of doughnuts at the doors, passed up and down the aisles. A simple one - a plain one for me. Just a little burst of sugar to get to the end. No more caffeine. Not that I think it will keep me awake for very long, but my body said 'nuf. I have now been up for 30 hours.

The final hour approaches.

Would I do this again? Yes.

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