Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mike Daisey 7a hour #allthehours

Train travel. Better in Europe than America and we laugh, we know that. He's on a train in Europe and has that feeling. Someone/something important is near. He follows that feeling and finds... I'll save it. In case he does this again, somewhere, someday, and if he leaves this part in.

Bargaining, again.

I faded. Have a few missing moments. Some people are leaving. Some people are sleeping, seriously, heavily, sleeping.

This break someone provided Voodoo doughnuts. Yes, I'm eating one. With some chocolate on it (caffeine, right?) and peanut butter (protein). And someone was giving away some Viso - more caffeine that isn't coffee. Too much sugar - but caffeine. I'll add a few nuts, protein. Next break will be vege tray from Elephant Deli snacks. If there's some left. I hope.

Waiting for that 3rd wind. It may be a little longer.

I saw a bunch of people leaving. Giving up. Vowing to come back later. Curious how many will be left. Some others coming back later. There is some familiarity (minimal) of those of us who've been here all along. Someone handed out chocolate covered espresso beans.

And an orange. I have another orange.

This is a very long time to perform. He's doing well. We got to the Red Forest. Must be about time for the next section.
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