Friday, June 10, 2011

Razor's Edge: anthology seeking submissions

Two amazing writers - Ariel Gore and Jenny Forrester - are putting together an anthology and looking for submissions. I think this is a very appropriate use of the Razor's Edge space.

Call for Submissions


Do you have plans for the the end of civilization? Did you ever? Is it possible to prepare for the ultimate catastrophe? Leave it to humans to try…

Being part of a religious group preparing for Armageddon
How to can up and store food
Living off the grid & hoarding water for environmental disaster
Urban post-civilization survival
Changing relationships for post-apocalyptic times
How to meditate your way to salvation
Parenting for an unpredictable future
Spending the family savings on an underground bunker
Armed to the teeth or raising chickens for the final catastrophe...


We’re seeking short literary memoir, fiction, childhood memories, d.i.y. instructions, how-to, to-do lists, preparations, photographs, diagrams, comics, illustrations, letters, philosophical truths, on…planning and preparing for the end of civilization as we know it.

Send us your stories.

Write with any questions.
Prefer 2,500 words or less. Will consider up to 5,000. 
Deadline: August 7, 2011 
Editors Jenny Forrester and Ariel Gore 
Submit via email or snail mail
Jenny Forrester/Ariel Gore
P.O. Box 40513
Portland, OR