Friday, March 18, 2011

Moving Ahead

I made a drive up the Gorge today to pick up two subscriptions of wine. In December I went with a friend and her husband, and another couple, to a tour and tasting at one of the Hood River wineries. I was impressed with the wine and they have a great wine club. I joined at the 7 times a year plan, taking home one shipment, with the second one to be picked up in January. Due to snow and ice and winds in the Gorge, I put it off.

It got closer to the next shipment, so I waited. Then, today, I took my new car for a drive. It was overcast, a slight wind on the Columbia, a dusting of snow on the higher mountains, and additional waterfalls along the way.

I also took with me a printout of a memoir piece I'm working on for a submission. The original due date was 3/20. Later at night at home, I discovered that the deadline has been postponed until 3/25.

After I picked up the wine, I went to the Full Sail brewery and pub for dinner and a table overlooking the river. With a printout of the story. The editing went smoothly and I easily cut out one section; reducing the word count closer to the 7,500 word limit.

I just completed typing in the changes and the next draft is being printed as I type. I have about a 25 word leeway of the limit and already have one person lined up to read it and give me feedback. I plan to take a printout with me tomorrow when I go to Seattle to hear my writer friend, Jenny, read her award winning essay. I will probably have some time between the drive and the reading and will comb through it for more editing needs.

The pieces are coming together.