Monday, March 28, 2011

Movement Creates Momentum

The good news [and there is no bad news to follow it!] is that I seem to have picked up some momentum on my memoir. It seems that my decision to focus on completing one book at a time was the correct one. And trying to zoom in on a completion date for the one was a good idea (thank you, Bonnie Hearn Hill!). And printing out the drafts at various stages of completion so I have the whole thing in my hands.

All good ideas.

Oh, and joining this spring round of the Wayward Writers in Ariel Gore's Literary Kitchen - with the intent to focus my writing on missing pieces of the memoir.


All of that.

Good ideas.

Because the ideas are flowing, the pieces are coming together, the editing of some of it is going awesomely (I know that's not a word).

Yes. I have found (created?) a momentum.