Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Live Once, Juicy" & "Defiant Athlete"

Thanks to a writing friend, Rooze, (who is also an amazing photographer, and a great person in general) I found this great website/blog called "Live Once, Juicy." This is a member of Rooze's writing cohort, and the author is also what she calls a "Defiant Athlete." You can click on the website to read more about her projects and goals - and I'm finding it very inspirational. It's helping me find my way back to my earlier fitness goals, I think.

Fitness for the sake of being fit. Not getting derailed by a series of things that I haven't written about here and have barely written about anywhere. I will, at some point. But for now, I'm working on overcoming being triggered, of feeling betrayed, of losing the fitness path I was on and where I felt good.

Thanks, Shaunta, for starting this. Thanks, Rooze, for posting this where I'd see it. Thanks, Tristy, for this amazing and inspiring video below.