Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Live Once, Juicy" & "Defiant Athlete"

Thanks to a writing friend, Rooze, (who is also an amazing photographer, and a great person in general) I found this great website/blog called "Live Once, Juicy." This is a member of Rooze's writing cohort, and the author is also what she calls a "Defiant Athlete." You can click on the website to read more about her projects and goals - and I'm finding it very inspirational. It's helping me find my way back to my earlier fitness goals, I think.

Fitness for the sake of being fit. Not getting derailed by a series of things that I haven't written about here and have barely written about anywhere. I will, at some point. But for now, I'm working on overcoming being triggered, of feeling betrayed, of losing the fitness path I was on and where I felt good.

Thanks, Shaunta, for starting this. Thanks, Rooze, for posting this where I'd see it. Thanks, Tristy, for this amazing and inspiring video below.


  1. Dot, you are so welcome. And I can't tell you deeply happy this post makes me. Thank you for sharing what's going on with you. XOXOX

  2. You're welcome.

    And because of reading what you and other Defiant Athletes are doing - which is bringing me back to *me* as a defiant athlete (lower case is intentional) - I just sent an email to a half marathon organizer. November 1st I signed up for a half marathon. Because of a car accident in December, then getting the creeping crud illness in February, my training was interrupted. I'll be honest - it was completely stalled; especially with the November events that led to betrayal and being triggered. There is no way I can get in shape for a May 8th half marathon at this point AND I know myself well enough to know not to attempt it; I will hurt and be miserable and it will take longer to get back in the groove.

    So, I sent an email to the organizer asking if I can move to the quarter marathon from the half. I can't give my number away, I can't get a refund. I was going to just not do it. But I think I can get in gear and do a quarter marathon. Instead of giving up.

    I'll see what I hear back.

    Thank you.