Thursday, March 31, 2011

April is bringing...

Script Frenzy!

I wrote a post in Facebook this morning and, voila, it turned out to be a little piece of script-like dialogue.

Okay, I thought, it looks like my spirit wants to do a little script writing.

So, I hopped on over to Script Frenzy, another event brought to us by the inspiring Office of Letters and Light (NaNoWriMo), and signed up. My 100+ page script is tentatively titled, "The not so Alternative Lifestyle." [logline: "A cautionary tale: the thing you fear may be no different than you. Love, laughter, and misunderstandings in a long term relationship."] I stuck it under the Romantic Comedy category, but that could change. Well - at first it was going to be a drama, but I decided I'm already working on heavy enough material with the memoir, and, surely I can find some light things to write about!

Wish me luck and nimble, dialogue producing fingers.