Thursday, September 16, 2010

update on the death of acquaintances

It is still disturbing, though somewhat also relieving, that the death of the people I wrote about a couple days ago may not have been a murder-suicide. That has been a puzzle and a difficult to believe scenario since it first was announced on Monday. Unless the husband snapped and became very mentally unstable, anyone who knows them or knew them could see no way he would ever do that. 

Today there were more details released on where the bodies were located in the house and some other information about the case. There are several things that don't quite add up - and the possibility of a double murder exists, though there are some complications to that theory, too. As well as some facts that make it a possibility.

It does not make their deaths any less of a loss if it was an ex-client of one or random murders or another type of revenge/anger - but it would eliminate the shock that one of a very devoted and loving couple, both passivists, both strongly anti-gun, would turn on the other and then on himself.

The authorities still have it tagged as murder-suicide, but they are still investigating and are open to other options, with some evidence that it may have been something else.

Tragedy, still. Yes.