Sunday, September 12, 2010

T:BA:10 my day two

My second day of attendance (Saturday 9/11) I missed the Wooster Group due to something else I had to do. Believe me, I'd rather go to an interactive art film about war rooms and pinhole peeping than do what I was doing. But I had to.

I did make it to Dayna Hanson's "Gloria's Cause." A rock musical, dance, performance about the American Revolution. I liked it. It was loud sometimes and fast and much happening at times. And parts of it I'm not sure I totally "got" but I liked it. A lot. I felt moved most of the time and in sync with it. I admired their skill and creativity and it worked well for the most part. They did say this is still being workshopped - and that showed in a few places but it didn't detract from what they were doing it. I recommend it if you're in town and want to go.

The second thing I saw was Maria Hassabi's "SoloShow" - which was amazing. The movement, the study, the control. It could be called dance and was dance - but also a performance piece - definitely not "dance" in what most people think of in that category. The show had already started when the audience entered and we were a part of the experience.

Unfortunately, I had to go to work after that. Which means I missed one of my favorites - and one of the festival favorites - Ten Tiny Dances. Hopefully I will be able to catch one of the local performances - although it will be different (though amazing and awesome) performers. It's a great concept and a great experience. I love "Ten Tiny" as it's often called.

Then today (my day three) I opted out of a noon time chat in favor of a 3-mile walk. I'm still trying to rehab my back for walking and it's slow going. Little by little I will get back to where I was. The chats have been hit and miss in my experience. Sometimes they have been almost totally unrelated to the description and my expectations or desires from those descriptions. So I skipped today's chat. Tomorrow I will go to the chat about Beckett. Yes, I will be there.