Monday, September 20, 2010

submissions: Hag Magazine: Eating Well & Aging Badly

From the editor, Ariel Gore:

I'm writing because you may be a bad-ass writer, photographer, or artist who is ready to step into your hag power OR you may know one who is ready...

(As we've learned from Lindsay Lohan and her fabulous nail art, you're never too young or too beautiful to be a hag.)

In any case, the zine tentatively titled Hag Magazine: Eating Well & Aging Badly will launch in 2011. We are seeking quality memoir shorts, reviews, art, comics, personal essays, excerpts, photography, fattening recipes, interviews, a few good hag rants, radical activist morality tales, How-to do things you're too old to do, and anything else your genius mind can imagine in such a magazine.

Contributors are encouraged to interpret the title of the magazine in the broadest possible way and avoid articles like "Why I am a Cool Hag" or--worse yet--"How to Look 30 When You're 50."

A hag can be 15 or 115 years old, and any gender under the sun. A hag is likely proud of how far s/he's come and doesn't need to look or act like a child.

Stories can be set in later life, but they don't have to be (A 20-year-old chain-smoking over-dieter is probably aging pretty badly--we will take her in!)

Please Forward Widely

Deadline: December 1st, 2010

Word limit: 2,000

Hag Magazine
1807 Second St. #32
Santa Fe, NM 87505