Tuesday, August 11, 2009

writers' resource: Word Smitten

For those writers with a goal of publishing, I discovered this website via author Jessica Morrell's e-newsletter. I attended one of her workshops at last weekend's Willamette Writers Conference, in which she announced that she has this newsletter with information for writers, so I signed up. I was going to type that I signed up as soon as I arrived home, where I rushed to my computer. But the truth is that, as soon as she said it and pointed out her email on the handout, I pulled out my Blackberry and sent her an email requesting I be added to the list. Technology; instant; immediate gratification (when it works, I know). And today my first issue arrived. Among the information was this website. They have a "1010" contest, which looks great; unfortunately the deadline has passed, but maybe next year I can try it.

Word Smitten:
:: :: WordSmitten®
the people, the books,
and the business of writing & publishing
:: :: :: ::
this innovative gateway to book publishing
is for emerging and professional writers
and provides great writing and publishing tips
:: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

As they say in their tagline, this is for writers with an eye on publishing.