Wednesday, August 19, 2009

they've arrived!

The NaNo badges are here! The NaNo badges are here!

Yes, come November, you will once again be subjected to my NaNoWriMo musings.

My coffee drinking, late nights and early mornings, raves about the progress of the novel I will start at the stroke of midnight plus one minute on November 1st will become the fuel for my daily (goal!) posts. With little calculator widgets inserted here on my blog to let you know my progress.

As well as how it goes with working, volunteering for Write Around Portland (my group will finish on November 14th), participating in my fourth online Lit Star Training workshop/class with Ariel Gore (in which I plan to be focusing on the revisions of my first NaNo novel, plus the quick writes), and training to walk the half marathon as part of the Seattle Marathon on November 29th.

Yes, I will be walking my first half marathon the day before the end of my second NaNo attempt. Which is why I have planned a couple extra days in Seattle; to catch up and complete the novel if I have to and to relax and celebrate its completion if I have it done a little early (last year I hit the 50,000 word mark the night before Thanksgiving; I'm hoping for the same this year).

I'm excited! NaNo ho!!!
(and did you notice how well one of the color schemes fits my blog? perfect!)