Saturday, May 9, 2009

vocabulary building:

I learned a new colloquial phrase last night, when I was in an online chat with my partner's step-father's girlfriend. I was going to say "new" girlfriend, but they've been together three years or so, so I guess she's not new anymore. I can draw you a map of the family relationship, if it will help.

Anyway, this is the new vocabulary I learned last night, or this morning if you're a night owl, like me: darthirty.

What's that? I asked.

Well, when we were on the kayak trip, we went to bed at darthirty, she said. It's an old southern phrase I learned growing up, she said.

But what's it mean? I started to type and as soon as my 1AM brain caught up with itself, I typed. So it means "dark thirty?" As in going to bed just after the sun goes down?

Yeah-up, she said.

I like it, I said.

And that is your new vocabulary word for today and how I came to find it.