Sunday, May 17, 2009

creating in a new to me way

On Wednesday I met with local artist and art supporter, Gretchin Lair, for a one-on-one Gocco print lesson. I bought one of the B6 devices a couple months ago and had barely opened the box because the "toy" is discontinued and supplies are no longer produced and I wanted to make sure I know how to use it before I started messing around with things which will soon not be available.

Gretchin has taught Gocco printing at IPRC, but we met at her studio. She is a patient and knowledgable instructor and I enjoy her company. She went over what I have in my box (buying used Goccos means that sometimes you don't have all the parts), and then through the steps. She even made a little booklet for me to bring home to refresh my memory when I get to next play with it.

She included what to include when picking a design, copying, etc. I chose a fish, which looks a little dragon-like, what with having dragon boats on the brain recently! Then I got to flash my own screen and do some practice prints before moving on to test my screenprint on different papers. It was a blast and I walked away with several dragonfish prints!

Thank you, Gretchin!