Sunday, May 3, 2009

intention: a poem

I sent an email out and attached my "writer" signature (I have one for interpreting, one for my adjunct faculty job, and one for writing). I rarely look at the content of the signatures any more -- isn't that why I set them up? So I can just select which one applies, press the mouse, and voila, there you go!

But today I did notice. It was one of those emails which didn't really require a signature attachment but it seemed like a good idea. But it doesn't fall into the interpreting category at all and it is not a writing thing.

So, today, I noticed.

At the bottom of my "writer" signature is this poem by Mary Ann Radmacher. Fitting. It's where I am mentally and spiritually and, I suppose, even physically at this moment in time.

live with intention,

walk to the edge,
listen hard,
practice wellness,
play with abandon,
choose with no regret,
continue to learn,
appreciate your friends,
do what you love,
live as if this is all there is. Mary Anne Radmacher

It's a reminder I wanted to put out into the world today to anyone else who may be needing a little boost or confirmation of intention.