Saturday, May 2, 2009


I decided today that Dragon Boats is my gateway drug. There's probably a more politically correct way to say that - but there you go.

On Thursday - I replaced my lost kayak. A different model, of course. But I am ready to get back in the boat and can't wait until 5/16 when I will be going for a lesson and a flat water ride. Also will be going on something on 6/20 - I'm sure that one will be a lower level shorter ride, because of who I'm going with (my partner's 80 year old step-father and his approach is definitely a more conservative route to skill building; he goes on major whitewater himself, but that day will be for friends of various skill levels and I'm sure he'll put me on something calm). I'd like to get one trip on my own boat (Ridgefield will be their boats) before the birthday ride.

And today I'm poring over the route and details of a high desert relay race I'm going to participate in! I'm putting together a team. My trainer is going to help, because I have never done it before and, until now, haven't really hung out with a long distance relay, boating, hiking, crowd.

Then this morning I went for a walk on a circuit I used a couple years ago, which took be 45+ minutes. I did a little speed walking (for me, remember it's all relative) and did it in just under 30 minutes.

What? Me? Huh!

See: gateway drug. Only better for me than ol' maryjane.

This does relate to writing and creativity. It does. And I'm only beginning to explore that aspect!