Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank you to Mead Hunter at Blogorrhea for passing along this interesting idea! Hmmm! I like it.

Not long ago, playwright Fin Kennedy brought a cool new scheme to my attention: the Adopt a Playwright Award, in which contributors can pool their resources to make sure at least one unsung new voice gets produced every year.

What I love about this concept is that it completely bypasses the galumphing machinery of the play selection process that is more standard – you know, the one in which a play is test-marketed as though it were a new brand of snack food. Fin elaborated on the strengths of the program yesterday on the Guardian’s TheatreBlog – thank you, Mme. Kollodi, for leading me to this.

Read all about it, and let’s talk about what it would take to launch this

I support the idea of doing this for a playwright (and still need to finish reading the article myself *grin*), but I think there may be other applications of this idea for other dreative types!