Thursday, December 4, 2008

sense of accomplishment and what's next

As I promised myself (after I reread the reminder in "No Plot, No Problem"), I am taking a little time away from the novel. I do, however, have a new writing assignment. And, as much as I hate to admit it, having an assignment is generally an asset to me actually following through and writing. Not always a requirement, but it does get my "butt in chair" as someone - I can't remember who - calls it, for the purpose of writing.

The new assignment is not mandatory, but a suggestion to do before the writing workshop I will be attending next week in Oaxaca. Yes, Mexico - or Oaxaca, Oaxaca in Mexico if I were to be more accurate.

I just read Chris Baty's (the founder of NaNoWriMo) post about the post-nano blues. I guess I planned for that in advance without even knowing it: a trip to a warmer climate for a writing workshop seems like just what's needed to stave away the blues just a little longer. I am also thinking about either starting the editing process while I'm down there, or holding off until I get back home. Because I will be writing more while I'm there -- that is the point, after all!

For now, off to bed soon. I am still catching up from the November novel writing excitement and time and I - in my usual manner - overscheduled myself this week for work, since I was working lighter the last four weeks so I could write. I forgot to build in a little break in between ending the novel and starting back up to my usual level of work. So - I don't have anything until 11:00 tomorrow morning and think I will take this opportunity to get a little extra sleep.

Watch for my post about the "new play festival" which will be happening here in Portland. I love it that Portland is such a theater town.
Picture of the Casa Colonial
in Oaxaca, Oaxaca