Thursday, December 11, 2008

new lesson in patience

We're still in Houston. Our flight to Oaxaca this morning was canceled, reason unknown. (Weather was cited, but it was clear and totally dry here - all signs of last night's snow gone. Oaxaca was clear and sunny and 80 degrees.)

But tonight we're in a hotel in Houston. No, not at the expense of Continental Airline; they did provide a voucher for a discount on a hotel room (we got one for $59).

The new plan is to leave at 9 AM and fly into Mexico City, from there transfer to a partner airline and go to Oaxaca. We should arrive by 4 PM.

I will write a letter to the airline after we get home. There are several issues I want to address with them. But, for now, the agents at the airport could not address these issues, I still have a week left on this trip and most of the workshop (and the facilitator is in the hotel room next door), and I don't want to spend my time being bitter.

I am still away from home. I am still away from work. I still have the option to relax. I will get to Oaxaca.

And I was able to work on a story. And finish the book I was reading and start another.

Patience. I *can* relax now and I *will* get to my destination. Different than how I had it planned, but we will get there.