Friday, December 19, 2008

holding on to slow

It was a pleasure to wake up without an alarm this morning. And after nine hours sleep. I still have some sinus stuffiness and the reappearing cough - but otherwise feel fine.

It was also really nice today to not have any appointments. Things I wanted to do, yes; places I had to be at a certain time - no.

For example, I did have to put the studded tires on my car and broke down and bought chains, as well. I was planning to skip the studded tires this year - but with the weather, I can't. The ice is what scares me more than snow and I have two out of town jobs in the coming week. There is another storm forecast for the area, which is supposed to hit us sometimes either late Saturday or on Sunday - with a prediction of 3 - 6 inches of snow. Hence the chains. I haven't used chains for probably 15 years. The last time I did it was kind of a disaster and I remember being miserable putting them on - and just to get out of our little neighborhood, because downtown and where I was going was fine. These are supposed to be easy install. We'll see!

I think it would be hard to maintain this laid back, "whatever," "when I get to it" attitude all of the time. But I would like to hold on to part of it.

For example, we did go out for dinner tonight because there was no food in the house (we did scrape together coffee and toast for breakfast). What a contrast. When in Oaxaca, we would eat leisurely, they would very occasionally come over to see if we needed something more or to clear away an empty or abandoned plate or bowl. And they would wait around until we asked for the check; which we sometimes forgot we had to ask for it. But tonight, the waiter was over a couple times to see if we were ready, came by when one of us was not yet finished to whisk away the plates, and the check was there while we were still eating. Very different feeling - even though tonight's waiter was very friendly and doing his job well. Cultural difference.

I like the slower pace. Now to figure out how to incorporate some of that into the "here" where I live.