Tuesday, December 9, 2008

a new threshold

That is where I think I am standing. I have worked emotionally and spiritually to integrate creativity and exercise and - I guess - I have those down. In theory. When I remember. No really, I do - I am just not perfect. That was the personal work I was doing before integrating creativity and self-care through exercise -- or maybe the project before that -- to not strive to be perfect because, well, I'm not and we can't.

So here I am, again. On a new threshold. Except I am not sure where I am heading and do not have a vision of what lies ahead on the road. Roads, excuse me - there is not one road, I know. I need to pause a few minutes or hours and rest. And think. And just listen.

So here I sit at the computer when I should be asleep because the cab will be arriving in 3 1/2 hours to whisk me away to the airport. Once I arrive at my destination (tomorrow night), I will have the time I am craving to rest and think and pay attention to what is around and within.

This is not the post I intended to write - but here you go.

Beginnings do not require endings. Beginnings do require mindfulness and a willingness to go along.

I am willing. And I do need to get a little bit of sleep to be able to get through the airport security. Then I can catch up on my sleep and my reading and the beginnings of resting on the planes and the layover tomorrow.

So I will end this little ramble of thoughts. My next post will be from Oaxaca, Mexico.