Sunday, December 7, 2008

returning to the work

By which I mean the work of writing.

The work of working to earn money to pay the mortgage and feed the cats and buy toilet paper is the work I have to do. And I am not complaining - I have work which pays the bills; not everyone does right now and the lay-off statistics for November were staggering. But I realized that I scheduled a heavy week last week because I felt I needed to make up for working a little less in November; and, yes, I am lucky that I have that option. And I accepted extra assignments for a heavy week the week of Xmas - in the name of making up for taking a week off to go to a writing workshop.

Yes, a writing workshop. For which we were given a pre-assignment I have not yet completed. Started: yes; completed: no.

My NaNo novel is staying with me. And, funny thing, while I was cleaning out my laptop bag to take on the trip, I came across some notes about the novel. It must have been about three-quarters into the story, based on what I read. Some of it happened, some of it did not. What is interesting to me is some ideas I had about where the story was going. As I read them tonight, I thought, "hmm - that's a good idea" or "what an interesting alternative to what I wrote in the first go 'round." Reading them I realized that I will be able to edit the 59.000+ words because there is more than one way it could have been written.

Which I knew.

And which I was just reminded of by my own hand, tonight.

Photograph by Serena Davidson
from online gallery of Performers

(a) I was lifted by ....
(b) The shifting light brought in to view...