Saturday, November 4, 2023

Day 4: NaNoWriMo 2023 + bonus reminder

Start of day 4 word count = 7910
Total words written on day 3 = 3152

NaNoWriMo end of day 3 word count

Before my daily briefing about how my writing is going so far, a reminder - mostly for me, but also for anyone who might stumble across this in the next 24 hours: It is that dreaded (by many of us) time of year in the USA when, for most of us, time changes. In November we set the clocks back  and this year, since the thing which supposedly passed in Congress ?a couple of years ago? has been lingering somewhere in its bowels, we are doing the time change dance again.

Which brings into my squirrel brain none other than, Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But, of course.

It is currently 2:00 AM on the West Coast. In exactly twenty-four hours from now, it will be 1:00 AM. 

Remember fall back; spring forward. This year we fall back on Sunday, November 5th.

Now a short hop away from NaNoWriMo for the scene from Rocky Horror. Feel free to skip, or go ahead, watch it, satisfy the brain squirrels.

There was a little more story writing which happened on Day 3. There was more exploratory writing than actual story, but I'm letting that be okay this year. This year is about the process of writing, rather than completion of a novel draft. I suspect that I might get a short story, or two or three, out of this, plus adjacent writing about place and time and back story.

This year's NaNoWriMo motto is: "all words are good words." That is usually my writing motto - but especially right now. This NaNoWriMo is especially about greasing the writing wheels and getting them moving again. I am still deep in the thicket of edits on the manuscript, but I feel much better when I am writing, too, and not only editing. Especially right now, this November. This fall was a little brutal in terms of non-writing responsibilities and demands on time, but I was fortunate to have the Mavens of Mythmaking with Ariel Gore still in process, so that kept me connected to writing. Without the year-long program, I could have been engulfed with the external situations.

So: short version = words happened. Many of them! Which is good.
Story progress? Not much. But I'm finding out who this still unnamed main character is and how she ticks.

Be well. Be safe. And remember to change your clocks before you go to bed Saturday night, unless you live where you don't have to gain/lose an hour twice every year.