Sunday, November 12, 2023

Day 12: NaNoWriMo 2023

Start of day word count = 41,949
Total words written Day 11 = 3,256   

About half of those 3200 words were story. Excellent odds today! 

I also had to attend to several everyday life activities, such as laundry and scrubbing the bathtub. Also completing assignments for the Mavens of Mythmaking year-long program. We are in the final month, so the weekly action and reading assignments are primary focus for me, as I continue working on the edits in the book manuscript. 

As you can see, I am getting very close to that magical NaNoWriMo 50k words written within the month! It looks like this is going to be my earliest 50k goal achieved in all of my -now- sixteen years. I'm impressed *grin.*

This doesn't mean that the writing will stop. I am still committed to writing every day. My aim is to continue with at least the NaNoWriMo daily average of 1667 words; if I have an "off" day, I will be satisfied with the 4TheWords minimum to achieve the daily count there of 444 words on those days.

I will be switching more of my time to the edicts on the manuscript. That is my final project for the Mythmaking class, so I need to switch primary focus to the book in order to make it before the end of 2023. But all editing and no writing can make me cranky, so the generative writing will continue.

I don't expect to see any more 8,000-word days of writing this month. Unless I'm counting editing words, then I better have some 8k+ word days to wrap it up before December is over.

Stay tuned. I expect to cross 50k on 11/12 or 11/13!