Tuesday, November 17, 2015

NaNo Update as of Day 16

Progress on the story has slowed. This is about the time I usually am at or headed to the coast for my writing retreat. But, one more play to interpret before I go. Soon. Soon, I will be snuggled in a small, cozy rental with food and drinks, my laptop, a book or two, comfy clothes, writing. And writing.

And we're taking flashlights just in case. I love this place we're going in Oceanside. An amazing full view of the ocean and cliffs from the top floor, with big windows and no obstructions. And the last two time? three times, maybe? I've been to this place the power has gone out one night. The last time it was out for nearly (or actually?) a full day.

So. Flashlights.

And keeping the laptops and cell phones charged. Not that there is much of a cellular signal in Oceanside, but I usually have one with my service provider. Yay.

And paper. Paper to write on as a backup if we should lose power for longer than our laptops last. Which I don't expect.

I don't know, maybe there is an energy saving power down time in Oceanside. Naw. I think it's the weather. And we might get a good storm while we're there.

I also have a writing meetup in the "morning" (for me) before work. So, off to bed now so I can writing in the morning and put a dent in the missing word count.

I'm not worried. I will make it to 50k before 11:59 pm on November 30th. I will. Actually I will make it to 50k before 2:45 pm on November 30th because I start work at 3:00 and will still be working at midnight.

To bed!