Wednesday, November 4, 2015

NaNo Day 4 - Wait! I Missed a Day?

I didn't miss a day writing but I missed a day posting a NaNoUpdate. Huh. Oh well. At least I wrote!

I have a nice little pattern going on my calendar (see to the left). A green day (wrote at least the daily average), a yellow day (I wrote; below average word count), a green day, a yellow day. So tomorrow should be green, right? Right!

Today my protagonist final revealed her new career. She and I had to have a little chat, because what it looked like she wanted to do wasn't going to work. Nope - that one couldn't be it for a number of reasons. So, as I was writing today, she came up with something else and I said, fine, we'll go with that. Then she added a part time job so she has a safety net while she builds up her business. She works part time as a book acquisitions manager for Powell's (gee, I wonder where that came from!) and she is building her business as a Conference and Major Events Coordinator. She hasn't revealed the name of that business yet, but I'm sure it will come out with more writing.

I will confess that I know tomorrow will be a green numbers day. I am joining a writing group which has been meeting a couple of times a month for a while. There is coffee and tea and a brief check in and intention setting, then write for a couple of hours. Then eat your sack lunch and check in. Then write for a couple/few more hours. So tomorrow is packed with at least, what, four hours of writing time? It should be good!

Current NaNoWord Count is 7131. Which, I know, is on my calendar to the left.