Monday, November 9, 2015

NaNo Day 8 - and on the 8th day she rested - not so much

It was bound to happen this month.


Zero words written today (Sunday, November 8th). I'm not crying over it. I thought, maybe, this year, once again, no zero days. But that was unrealistic given the amazing theatrical opportunities (not just mine for interpreting, but others, meetings, discussing, watching).

Knowing that Zero happens is one reason that I established my annual personal writing retreat somewhere around the middle of NaNovember. A few days away on the coast for writing. Sleeping, walking, writing, eating, writing, napping, drinking wine, writing, walking, writing. This year the trip is a little later than usual and a little later than I'd like, but I had to wait until my plays are done.

So that first red square on the eighth day is me (not) resting and not writing.

The day started with an MRI of my knee in the morning (from the injury a couple of years ago; don't expect anything major but want a better understanding of what is going on with it to determine the best course of action to get it as good as we can get it). Then breakfast with my sweetie who went with me to the appointment. Followed by a sign through of "Orlando" at Profile Theatre. And then video relay.

Therefore : no writing.

And that's okay.

Tomorrow I start the day with a theater meeting. Later I have video relay. And in between those two things I'm hoping to get some writing done, although I will have, at best, ninety minutes, and am expecting closer to sixty. My current word count holds me until Tuesday, since I'm still ahead on the daily average.

For now, Sleep.
from the KeepCalm-o-matic