Saturday, November 7, 2015

NaNo Day 7 - camping in a coffee shop

Coffee shops seem to have the mojo for me with writing. Or the house of a fellow writer. A place where I don't have the distractions of things I need to do and/or the kind presence of shared dedicated writing time. Being somewhere with the intention and purpose of writing and nothing else.

Which I have had for just under that past two hours. The time has been productive and it is time to wrap it up and go pick up Serena and her art supplies and then take them home. Before I go to watch "Orlando" again tonight, in preparation for interpreting the play next Friday.

Today I've written 2,210 words in about an hour and forty-five minutes, for a new total word count of 15,883. I am well ahead of the average count needed to be on track, which is good. This is a very busy week with much theatre happening (preparation for this week's play, feedback for another interpreting team, a preparation viewing for a different play later this month, and watching another interpreting team do their magic at yet another play). A great, wonderful, creative week. And not a lot of time for writing. I will write. But I might lose a little of my momentum.

But such is the pattern of NaNoWriMo, which is why I take the opportunities when I can for extended, hunkered in writing time when they come.

Okay, off to collect S and her things.

A good writing day. I made it through the secondary character's back story, I think. No dead bodies, yet, which is surprising. The inciting incident for the impetus of this book requires the death of a character. But, it will get there, eventually. Or maybe I will have 50k of build up; I hope not!