Friday, March 30, 2012

Razor's Edge for 3/30/12

This week feminist poet and activist Adrienne Rich died. Her poetry and her strength and her determination were an inspiration to me and many others. It is a loss. And I'm glad that I know her work, even though I never met her in person. A loss and an inspiration.

Her death and some other events in my life right now have me thinking about this period of change. I'm looking ahead, toward what I want and figuring out what that means; feeling the loss of a friendship and grieving; remembering joy and good moments and wanting more of those; wondering about the significant events some friends have been going through or are still in the midst.

And writing. I think about writing. About my writing community. My writing goals. The creative non-fiction (memoir) manuscript revision which is going slowly. The novel revision put on hold to finish the memoir. Short stories and flash fiction and essays waiting to be sent out; especially now that I only have one active piece floating in the world. Many ready to go; I just need to find or decide where to sent some of them.

This week's Razor's Edge is about loss and re-vision. Think about something you lost. Or someone. It doesn't have to be a major loss. But it could be. It could be a goal achieved, which can sometimes result in a loss of focus when the task is done - a kind of "what now?" Or it could be a misunderstanding with a friend which led to the end of the friendship. Or the death of a pet, a parent, a sibling. You didn't get the job, you got the job but now there's not enough time for making art. Pick something.

And then think about one thing you'd like to do: to accomplish or experience.

Where is the intersection of those two things: the loss and the desire? Can one lead to the other? Or where is the commonality?

 If it helps, make a list of 7 - 10 things. See which holds the most power and then write. For 10 minutes. And if you find yourself stuck - and you might - just write whatever is in your mind. Even if it is a repetition of "this is stupid" or "why am I whining" or "I'm so over this." Just keep writing.

Below is a piece of music for you to listen to. while you think about it, or while you write. It is just under ten minutes long, so it could also serve as your timer.


Dot at the Till on the Willamette, photo by Andie O-oh
Neighborhood Writing Prompt Scavenger Hunt 2009, "Lost," by Dot
View from the Hot Tub, Nye Beach Sunset, 2011, by Dot