Monday, March 26, 2012

Ooligan Conference: Write to Publish

Ooligan Press' annual conference will take place on Saturday, April 28th. This year the conference, "Write to Publish"'s theme is "Step Into Genre."

From Ooligan Press:
Write to Publish is unlike any writing conference you’ve previously attended. Instead of focusing on the craft of writing, we explore the process of getting published. Throughout the day we will host twelve workshops highlighting the basics of publishing with relation to our conference theme: Step into Genre.

The author stage will host a variety of authors who will speak about their own experiences in publishing. These presentations are intended as an “industry mingle” rather than a series of readings. The authors will focus on the ups and downs, challenges, and triumphs they experienced in their careers. Local vendors from the publishing industry will also be present, sharing their knowledge and services with conference-goers.
We selected our 2012 theme—Step into Genre—with the realities of the publishing industry in mind. While the focus of many graduate writing programs is literary fiction, we recognize that much of the publishing world is focused on genre, whether it is young adult paranormal romance, hard science fiction, or serial killer mysteries. By hosting authors in a wide range of genres and offering workshops focusing on different topics related to genre, we hope to offer insight into the publishing world through a lens that is often underrepresented.

Write to Publish is about empowering you as a writer so that you are one step closer to getting published. Get ready to spend a day having your questions answered and seeing how you, too, can become a published author.

There are genre workshops, publishing panels, and an author's stage. The list of authors is up on the website, which includes Chelsea Cain, Colleen Houck, and Phillip Margolin, and many other; and the basic schedule is there, as well. There will be more information up later on the individual workshops and panels.

They also have a flash fiction contest with a fast approaching deadline.

I'm planning to attend at least part of it. Hopefully, all of it.

See you there?