Sunday, March 25, 2012

All Lanes Open

I was wondering what to post and feeling the need to write something. It's been a week since I posted here. Busy, distracted, wrapping up the second of the two overlapping online writing workshops. Making it through each day, being where I needed to be and when I needed to be there.

And here it is again Sunday.

Then I saw the headline: "All lanes open on Morrison Bridge". I realize that people outside of Portland, Oregon will most likely have no relationship to that headline. But especially for those of us who travel frequently between the east and west sides of the river, this is great news. Being down one of the central bridges has been a pain for a long time. Construction on the bridge started last June and it has just reopened.

So I was thinking that feeling is what I'm searching for in other parts of my life. Yes, I'm happy to have my primary bridge available, again. Very happy. And there's more.

I've been feeling a little backed up in my life, which includes my writing life. Feeling like the flow isn't quite there. Like there are too many detours and sometimes, like with the physical bridges, the alternate route is blocked. Or raised for a passing barge / financial need / someone else's priority. I'm good with workarounds and hanging in there until it passes and finding patience.


I want my lanes open. Creativity to flow like water and to be able to follow my chosen path.

All lanes open.