Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Final Pages in Pajamas

Today I'm alone. It's midday and I'm still in my pajamas.

I'm in the living room with a cup of coffee with soy milk, a spinach + broccolini + chicken apple sausage scramble, a bowl of fresh blueberries, and a big bottle of electrolyte enhanced water. I also have a supply of Trader Joe's Roasted Seaweed Snacks, Dark Chocolate Nutty Bits, and some air popped popcorn.

Because today I think I'm finally going to write the final words of my memoir. No, I'm not procrastinating by writing this post. But I am stating my intention and I am using this as my warm-up to writing the final words.

First, I have to type in a couple of chapters I wrote by hand. Then the final pieces I only have outlines for.

Hopefully, before I go to bed tonight (and it does have to be *tonight* - I have an early job tomorrow), I will have written to the end of this book. I will print out the newest pieces to do some editing on breaks at work.

Hopefully, number two, is that I will have this printed out and to my first editor within the week. (Note to self: check with her to make sure she wants a hardcopy - I forgot to ask.)

So - pajamas, writer fuel including coffee and water, drapes closed (I really am in my pajamas), my laptop, and background white noise to block out the cars on the street and the guys playing hackysack and the lawns mowers and weed whackers. Writing.

Writing to The End in my personal at home retreat.