Thursday, December 30, 2010

Still Waiting

And some days you just say "Thank you Universe, for all that you offer and your silent protections, even when I didn't know I needed it."

See - it is now 3 1/2 hours after my last post. The one where I thought I was about to pick up my car, that I would now be sitting at my friend, Jenny's, dining table and we'd be typing away with dinner and a glass of wine sitting beside us and Ron in the other room or joining us for a snack and then going cycling or watching a movie.

But, no.

It is now 3 1/2 hours later and I'm again waiting on my car. They took care of the brakes and the oil change. Then came the test drive. A noise. An unfamiliar knocking sound. Back into the shop, dismantle, start looking for it. Testing. Listening.

No more details here - except to say that it was a part - the tensioner - that was replaced on my car mid-June. Something that shouldn't have been broken. The type of a part that would go unnoticed by me, with the studded tires and the radio on - I wouldn't hear it. But the mechanic heard it. And I wouldn't hear if it became worse. And when it became worse the belt would slide off and then I'd have a major automotive breakdown.

Thankfully - and here is one perfect example of why I love my mechanics - the mechanic working on my car was willing to stay past closing to repair it if they could locate a part. Which they did. And the place who didn't have it didn't have a delivery driver so someone drove over to get it.

Yes, I'm still waiting for my car.

But it will be safe, won't break down, and will stop when needed. (The mechanic said that my brakes were low enough to need replacement - but they weren't in any danger - they are just Saturn brakes; which are different than the new Chrysler brakes I've been driving for three weeks... which I suspected might be the case, but I also knew the rear brakes (I replaced the front brakes in September) needed replacing.)

So I've canceled the plans to go to Jenny's house to write. The day long writing marathon has disintegrated to hours spent at Les Schwab and the coffee shop. Writing, yes, here, in my blog.

I will be okay with that. I have to be. "Better safe than sorry" feels especially true right now.