Friday, December 24, 2010

Razor's Edge for Fri 12/24

Christmas Eve
The Razor's Edge

What is this season about? I think it's about relationships. Recognizing those who have been important in your life. Appreciating not just what's done in the two/five/ten/twelve days leading up to the event - be in Christmas or Solstice or Hannukah or whatever of the other wintery holidays you celebrate. It's about what we do all year, who we are in relation to each other. It's about respect, about community, about being partners in life and guardians of this planet that is mostly water, as are we. For many people, this time of year is about spiritual or religious beliefs and traditions. Those are good, too - looking at our heritage, those who came before us, those who paved the path we're on, those who are taking a journey with - or similar to - us. And I bring that back to relationships.

So, with that in mind, I'm posting a YouTube video of Ellen Bass reading her poem, Bone of My Bone and Flesh of My Flesh. It's about relationships, and naming. What do we call someone who doesn't fit the stereotypical role of "husband" or "wife" yet that is how they are important to us. What is in the naming? Is the label important? Why or why not?

PROMPT: After listening to Ellen read her poem, write a story (or a poem) about a couple. This couple may not fit the traditional titles of "husband and wife," yet they are dedicated to each other and their life together. Have your story's couple venture out into the world of the everyday - or go to a family holiday gathering - and let them interact with others, traditional and not, understanding or not, accepting or not. What do they encounter? How do they speak about each other, introduce each other, what are their special names for each other?  If you want, start with this: "When we walked in, the sound from the kitchen was...."