Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Month at a Time

As a follow-up to my last post - my schedule has changed so that I have another large gap between a couple of jobs. At least for the next two months.

That's okay. My last post I wrote about "soft times" and how that hasn't worked as a place to do my writing - or at least not all of it.

Then today I lost an assignment that was between two other things; one of those is scheduled through mid-March and the other through February. So - I have a hole in my schedule. A perfect place to put some writing and a walk. The locations on either side of the gap, in combination with the time of day (rush hour), make going to my gym impossible. So I'll need to hang out near one end or the other and do something like, oh, write!

Soft times aren't all bad.

I just can't count on them being there.

Which is why I had previously scheduled two times into my calendar, each week, for writing with writing partners (thanks Jenny, Deb, and the spontaneously available or not Alexander).

Now I have three times a week scheduled in - two with writers and one most likely on my own!