Friday, April 2, 2010

Razor's Edge for 4/2/10

Today's prompts includes two videos. In keeping with my personal theme of "slowing down," the first video is what I watched prior to writing my editing post for today. I know some of you weren't yet on this earth when the song first came out - and some of us were. The first video is
The 59th Street Bridge Song by Simon and Garfunkel. More commonly known as the "slow down" or "feelin' groovy" song. It was one of those songs that got stuck in my head earlier today, so here it is for your listening pleasure and creative inspiration - after you read the instructions, of course.

Your instructions:

step one:
Click on the Simon & Garfunkel video to listen to the song, while
step two:
letting your eyes rest on the Miksang photo by Julie DuBose (found on Facebook via friend, writer & photographer Rooze). When the song ends
step three:
click on the Queen Juliana video and watch, listen. When the video is done, select at least one of her questions to respond to (all will be clear after you watch the video; trust me).
step four:
Go - write, paint, draw, compose, move. Create for 8 minutes. Let it rest. Share what you've done with someone else.

Simon and Garfunkel

Miksang photo by Julie DuBose

Queen Juliana Luecking