Saturday, April 17, 2010

Letter to my Writing Group

I try to present myself as calm - in control, not easily excited. Confident.

Then yesterday I passed a personal milestone. I've been submitting more writing to publications - a couple I've tried before, either rejected or published, as well as some new ones. Yesterday I sent off a piece to a publication I've been wanting to submit to for the last couple years, but didn't feel quite ready. But yesterday - I did it. And immediately sent a letter to my writing support/critique group to announce my submission. Below is a copy of that email, showing that I am not always the cool and confident writer.

Shared with a smile.

= = the letter = =

subject: eiiyieeye!!!

I just submitted my piece to Tin House!!!! I'm so excited and wondering why I hit the SEND button and.... wow. I did it. Submitting to Tin House has been a long time goal. And it's funny, because the piece I sent -- was the one recently not selected at Glimmer Train; and what's funny about that (or sad, depending on your point of view, I suppose) is that when I sent it to Glimmer Train, I was thinking of Tin House (I have the last two issues of both at home). I was visualizing Tin House and thinking that piece fit the publication well, yada yada. Then, after I submitted it and I went back to make sure it had actually uploaded (I do online submissions as much as possible), I realized that I had been thinking of one but submitted to the other.

No big deal.

But a few minutes ago I actually sent this in to Tin House. (Their submission window closes on May 31st.) Me. To Tin House.

squeak: yay.