Monday, April 12, 2010

A NaPoWriMo poem

I posted this prompt over at The Writing Vein Playground a few days ago - and thought I'd share it here, along with my poem. My poems are there under the comments sections, as well as some fantastic poetry by Deb and a few by Jenny (I know she's writing more poems than she's posting - hello, Jenny!).

photograph by Serena Davidson
at "We Are Conduit"
benefit performances
July 2009

Flesh Tone
by Dot

Muscles taut not tense
the skin smooth and forgiving
reaching out to you to me and back
we grasp and reach no strain
our bodies in opposition yet touching

knowing you knowing me we react
flesh on flesh sinew to muscle to bone
counterbalance counter
connect correct

we ask why or not
we wonder why
or not
if I let go
will you
if you let go will I

if we hold on
for how long
balance in relation
temperatures cool and rise
and cool again
skin on skin
muscle feeds muscle
tones connect

skin to skin

feet naked