Friday, February 5, 2010

Razor's Edge #3

Today's inspiration is from the Twyla Tharp book, The Creative Habit, which I've was able to read a little bit more of on the plane to Dallas today. I'm reading the section on preparation for creativity and establishing a creative habit. There are so many good nuggets in this book, I feel content to read a little bit, grab a bite of inspiration and go explore. Then return later when I can.

I posted the specific content yesterday, which led to today's topic. There is much more about it in the book, but that sentence is the one which really sticks with me.

Today's topic is

Take a couple minutes to center yourself, breathe, relax. Closing your eyes is optional - only do it if it helps you enter the place where you are and be present with what you are about to create.

When you're ready, look at the set of prompts - or just pick one - and let them guide you to your creation. As a suggestion, read the character sketch, start the music video (it is really lovely; I'm going to see if Music Millenium has the cd in stock when I get home), and look at the picture.

Listen to what bubbles up to the surface for you.

Create: write, draw, dance, cook, plant a garden. Follow where your heart takes you.

character sketch:
He walks tall in his Levi's 501 jeans, the straight-legged pants loose around his calves. The brick red t-shirt is loosely tucked in , except for just above his left back pocket, where the end hangs out and I can see a piece of his white undershirt. One leg seems to lag half a second behind the other, but the little hiccup in his step. The ends of his blond hair peaks out from underneath the straw hat that is held on by a strap running underneath his chin. He hooks his thumb in his right rear pocket, staring at the road ahead.

music: (Antoine Dufour & Tommy Gauthier - "Solitude" from Still Strings)