Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Annual Rock Creek Symposia on the Creative Process

...from Portland Community College...

This week a series of three symposia over three consecutive days brings together working artists from various disciplines—poets, novelists and visual artists-- to discuss their creative process. The three symposia follow the evolution of a work of art by posing questions such as how do artists begin a work of art? How do they develop it? What happens when they run into problems? When do they know a work of art is finished?

Wednesday February 17, 10 am RC TLC (3/102) “In the Beginning”
Q: What is the origin of a work of art and how do you get started?
Answers from: poet Peter Sears, novelist Stevan Allred, novelist Joanna Rose

Thursday February 18, 10am RC TLC (3/102) “In the Middle”
Q: How do you develop a work of art through doubts and unexpected turns ?
Answers from: fiction writer John Zackel, painter Christopher Knight, novelist Stevan Allred

Friday February 19, 10am RC TLC (3/102) “The End”
Q: When is it over and how do you know?
Answers from: painter Christopher Knight, sculptor Ben Buswell, novelist Joanna Rose

moderated by Mark Andres and Alison Apotheker

These symposia are free and open to the public. The series is funded by a generous grant from ASPCC.