Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Artist Dinner Series

What fun! Dinner, wine, and conversations about art with artists.

From Linda Austin, one of the founders:

Linda Austin and Tahni Holt are pleased to announce our Dinner Series
fundraiser. Each dinner will host two Portland performers, artists or writers in
discussion with each other and the dinner guests. There will be one dinner each
month, with the first one kicking off on Feb. 27th. We do this for our love for
communal eating, a desire for more discourse that touches upon performance as an
art among other arts, and a curiosity about other people’s processes: what &
how & why they make what they make and do what they do.
This is an amazing line-up of artists/performers/musicians/choreographers:

Get your reservations (and the secret location of your dinner) by emailing

February 27: Angelle Hebert + Angela Fair •
March 20: Linda Austin + Kristan Kennedy
April 24: Tahni Holt + Ethan Rose •
May 22: Cydney Wilkes + Lisa Radon
June 26: David Eckard + Linda K. Johnson •
July 24: Tiffany Lee Brown + Joshua Berger