Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NaNoWriMo: day 11

In true second week fashion, things have slowed. True, I had a great day yesterday by hand. Given my schedule - I felt lucky to get anything written. But I did and it was pretty much on track in terms of average number of words. It was also pretty cool that, today, when I finally was able to get it all typed in to my master document, my estimated word count was only 12 words off from the actual! Not bad.

Then there was this thing I had to do, and that thing I had to do, and phone calls, walking up and down the hill for training, couple's therapy, emails to respond to. And, finally, a little bit of time to write before I have to get to bed.

Week two is notorious for blocks from life and blocks in the story surfacing. I thought I was going to escape that, but no. I hit them today. I had hoped, since it was a day "off" from work (which means I did not have to go anywhere and do the thing that I do to earn money) that I would write more. However, many of those phone calls and emails were about work. So I was not technically off.

But enough excuses.

I did write. And when I saw how close I was to that official halfway point I tried to push it but did not quite make it. My ending word count for today is 24,572 . A gain of 1,550 - so just short of the average. I'll take it.