Sunday, November 15, 2009

nano midday update for day 15 - hump day

Oh, I am slogging this morning. Slogging mentally due to waking up with the feeling that someone had stomped on my head in the middle of the night, leaving me with cotton stuffed in every space between my brain and the rest of my body and my nose threatening to never take another breath.


A shower alleviated most of the nose and frontal sinus issues. But I still have that cotton-ness between my ears and my brain. Or something. I hear sounds, but there is an ocean in there and voices carry through the thick fog, yet listening is difficult and hearing is harder. Though I do hear; it is weird. This is not a good omen for how my work will go tonight. Hoping for relief from that or that the focused nature of the work to come will help me be able to understand the words I see and hear.

I met with Jenny and we wrote for a bit. I was slow to arrive but could not push myself to go faster. And I was slow to get started with the nano story, but I did, but the ideas did not flow in the same smooth way of this last week.

No worries. I am still making my minimum word count for today; just not much more.

Slogging. One keystroke in front of the other.

As of right now, my word count is 31,631 - not quite at the daily minimum, but I will see if I can squeeze out a few more progressions in the story before the day is done. I have just ended one chapter (they are not really chapters, yet - more like sections; but "chapter" has a common definition that indicates, to me at least, moving from one scene to another - or is one way of moving from one scene to another). This is a good time to pause and get closer to work and then see what I can do in terms of word numbers.