Monday, November 9, 2009

NaNo end of day 9

Oh, what a great day! A couple hours with Jenny at Urban Grind, another 3o minutes alone and a greatly increased word count. Then writing with the members of the Write Around Portland groups (some of which was for the novel - but I haven't added it in yet!).

Then home for dinner and to catch up on grading my PCC student's homework. Well, at least the written part - I wasn't able to get to feedback on the videos, yet.

Then a few minutes of playing Feeding Frenzy.

Topped off with more writing - about 1000 words worth.

So tonight I ended with a grand total of : 21, 385 ....


  1. Dadgummit, girl, I wish I had your stamina! You're doing great!

  2. I seem to have discovered an interesting place. I wasn't sure how the training for a half marathon and doing nano was going to work. I think they are spurring each other on brilliantly! Well, especially the marathon training for the nanonovel -- I seem to be able to just sit and type without pause. Like I can push myself through those walks in the rain or up and down the hill or push the pace for 5 miles or 6 (at the moment having doubts about 13.2 - but hopefully I will get renewed for that soon, too!).

    In walking training I've learned how to be in the moment and do the thing I'm there to do with the faith of "it will be good when it's done; the adrenaline will kick in soon, I swear." And, somehow, that has translated to writing.

    And I see the glimmer of a plot surfacing. Although on a quick trip through the manuscript so far - in search of an excerpt to post - I stumbled across a scene/chapter with two characters I had completely forgotten about!

    Ah, the nano life.

    And you are not doing too shabbily on your word count, either, Mz Christi