Tuesday, September 1, 2009

workshop: Sisters in Crime

Sisters in Crime Mystery Writer's Workshop at PCC

The SinC Mystery Writer's Workshop is taught by four published authors who will inform you on the flesh and bones of mystery writing (developing characters, setting the scene of the crime and trends in murder) and how to create a killer plot!
You will be able to mingle with the following authors during the lunch hour book signing:

Dana Haynes is the author of three mysteries and has a thriller coming out in July!

April Henry knows how to kill you in two- dozen ways. Her latest book, co-written with FOX-TV's Lis Wiehl, was on the New York Times bestseller list!

Carola Dunn is the author of over 50 novels and 20 mysteries!

Rob Lovell is a journalism professor turned mystery writer who writes the Thomas Martindale series!

DATE September 19th, 9 am - 3:50 pm
COST $29 for class, $40 for fees (fees include lunch and speaker honorariums)
LOCATION Sylvania Campus (Room CT 212)
INFORMATION Sarah Hodapp (503-731-6642)

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