Saturday, September 26, 2009

coming to a screen near you?

I went to the premiere of "Papers the Movie" tonight with a couple friends. It was a moving story and very well done. This is an important issue that I will admit to being rather ignorant about prior to learning about the film a month or so ago.

This film is the story about undocumented students and what happens to them after they turn 18. They have no papers, so they have difficulty getting into colleges (are turned down by some flat out - no questions asked), getting jobs, can't get driver's license, and so on. Are deported. Are held in detention. This young people are born here in the US or come here as very young children with their parents. They grow up here, are educated here, are Americans, and yet, on their 18th birthday they become "illegals."

This is an important film and they did a nice job. They have a few more local showings scheduled and are taking it nationwide. They have been accepted into a couple film festivals and have applied for more.

Check it out. "Papers the Movie". Go if you can, when it comes near you or you are near a showing.