Friday, July 4, 2008

new book: "A Joyful Frenzy"

This is a new book by local artist, Serena Barton. Her book is called A Joyful Frenzy and is available by mail order on You can also view a few sample pages online before you buy.

Serena Barton, a native Oregonian, is passionate about making art.. Visual art was her first love as a child. Serena rediscovered her desire to make art after her first trip to Italy. She taught herself to paint and create mixed media work in her forties, earning her the right to insist that it is never too late to delve into what inspires you!

Serena’s business, The Art of Your Life, offers creativity and art workshops and groups, individual art coaching, in addition to counseling. Serena also teaches classes on women and creativity at Portland State University. Serena continues her own visual art career. She has exhibited and sold her work in Portland OR, Seattle WA, Bologna, Italy, and online. Her work has appeared in the art books Renascence , The Diptych Project and in Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Book for Cooks. One of Serena's great joys is to provide an atmosphere where you can discover or rekindle your own creative abilities.

The book combines selections of work by artist Serena Barton. The work includes oil, acrylic, and encaustic paintings, collage, and mixed media pieces. The colorful and evocative work is accompanied by text illuminating the subjects of the paintings and the inspiration behind the work. Barton's work is often called "luminous", "rich", and "juicy."